PPE for all frontline workers COVID 19

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Schools in England are endeavouring to remain open for children of key workers and for vulnerable children who would be safer in school than at home. 
However, unlike many other frontline staff, there is no real structured approach to PPE for the staff who are going to be coming into contact with children of frontline workers, these frontline workers can be coming into contact with hundreds of people every day.

Teachers and teaching assistants, caretakers and school lunch staff will be in close contact with these children every day. But yet there is not yet any consideration of how to properly and fully protect them as much as can be done, from contracting the virus and taking it home. 

Children are able to catch and transmit the disease, and some of them are dying from it. Therefore, even the children attending these schools would benefit from appropriate PPE. 

The country and government cannot expect to maintain schools - hubs, individual schools, nurseries, or whatever the arrangements are, without protecting those that run and use them. This also goes for all other frontline workers.

Once the NHS frontline staff have appropriate and sufficient PPE, we need the frontline workers of all other walks to have a risk assessed access to PPE. The alternative is that children will infect each other and their teachers, who will then continue the spread, meaning that once the lockdown is over, our schools may not be able to function, and other frontline services will be in the same position.