Save Churchstoke CP School Now - Urgent

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Churchstoke CP School is at the heart of our community. It is under threat of being closed by Powys County Council.

We have 38 children currently on role, with 28 houses just been built within the village, 40 houses currently being built and another 60 houses planned- there is a significant number of more children arriving into the village who will attend the school. In the village is also a playgroup connected to the school with 19 children. If the school closes, the playgroup closes too - the playgroup supports the childcare offer and 3+ funding.

The council have given us 4 options of schools to transfer our children to- 3 of these are in England, which would take away the chance of learning the Welsh language for our children, and the other school only has 29 spaces- not enough for all our children. This will result in families moving from the area.

If the school closes, it will effect the community massively such as the village hall, care home, church, aswell as others, as the school works closely with these.

This is all happening within the middle of a pandemic, where children and families have been affected more than enough already- this will and is massively impacting on the mental health of all within the village.

We need to save our school now! And this is a matter of urgency! The cabinet meeting is on the 9th Feb, and then if voted to continue with the closure, we only have 42 days to appeal.

Please help us save our school, save our children, save our families and save our community!