Save Castle Caereinion CiW primary school

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Castle Caereinion Church in Wales School is at the heart of our community and is under threat of being closed by Powys County Council.

Whilst we are aware that we are a relatively small school, we are a strong school and together with the wider community feel that our school is set for growth. 

We now have strong leadership in place, we have a growing, thriving village with proposed new build of 31 dwellings, some of these to encourage families which will undoubtedly raise school numbers. Our standards are constantly improving. We have superb outdoor learning space and large classrooms, ideal for the ‘New Curriculum for Wales’. Together with the community we share a strong Church ethos. If the school closes, it will have a huge effect on the community such as the recreational hall, the church, the pre-school and other links that the school works closely with. 

Our firm view is that the LA should allow the school sufficient time to embed the changes that have already been implemented and are showing success, notwithstanding Covid. The options given by the LA are not acceptable. 

We only have 42 days to appeal. Please support us now by signing our petition. 

Thank you for your support, feel free to share across all media.