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Donna Hughes started this petition to Steve Blatter Powers that be at SIRIUS XM RADIO

Please sign if you do not want to EVER see BLUEGRASS JUNCTION REMOVED from SIRIUS XM RADIO FOR ANY REASON, including Holiday Music, or any other genre!!!

Channel 61, "Bluegrass Junction," on Sirius XM has a huge impact on the growth of Bluegrass Music, because many Artists, Songwriters & Labels depend on the Royalty Checks from this Station, to continue their craft.  The absence of this Station, even for 9 days, will most certainly have a negative effect on this music.  If it were ever permanently canceled, it would seriously stunt the growth of the entire Industry.  Many labels would fold, projects would be delayed or even canceled.  This will affect everyone, including all other Radio Programmers.

From Terry Herd, former Station Manager:  "Having had the privilege of serving as the Format Manager of the Bluegrass channel at Sirius during the formative years, I can say these decisions are almost always made by upper management. Likely Steve Blatter and/or Scott Greenstein in this case - not Kyle Cantrell. Your input matters. As frustrating to all of us as this is, remember, there is a proper way to respond. Be respectful in your communication and know that you will be heard. Mr. Greenstein can be contacted via email at:

SHARE, SIGN, SHARE AGAIN! Thank you! The world needs more Bluegrass! 

A word from Donna Hughes:

Many feel, including Rhonda Vincent, that the Bluegrass Channel should not ever be selected for preempting by Holiday Music.  It makes people very uneasy that this can happen at all, and with very little advance notice.

The Survival of Bluegrass Music hangs in the balance according to some.  Please read this article by David Morris in Bluegrass Today:

The IBMA is encouraging everyone to keep their subscriptions, because while canceling seems like a way to vent frustration, continuing to show the economic value of this music, is very important.

As David Morris notes, in Bluegrass Today, asking for a CREDIT for the 9 days Bluegrass Junction will be taken down, might speak for your dissatisfaction.  (Rather than all out cancelling.)

Therefore, this Petition is more important now than ever, as a way to make your voice heard.  Your signature means you care.  Sign & share the Petition, and keep your comments respectful.  That will be the best way to prove the worth of Bluegrass Music. 

While it was explained to the IBMA, that Holiday Music takes over Channels on a rotating basis, many great stations on airwaves throughout history have been taken down, without notice, with no explanation, leaving people shocked & disheartened.

If no one says anything at all about Bluegrass Junction being "preempted," typical or not, as David Morris notes, a permanent preemption by another genre could easily take effect, without hesitation, at a moment's notice.  Think of your world without Bluegrass Junction, just for a moment, and SIGN.

The world of music has changed extremely in recent years.  When I 1st started putting out records in 2001, CD's were the hot thing.  People bought an entire CD of songs, even if they only liked one song on the record.  It was the only way they could get it.  Now people can buy that one single from iTunes, or another online retailer, or figure out some way to get it free online somehow, and so we as Artists & Labels, went from being able to recoup the money we spent on each song, to being able to only recoup the money we spent on maybe one or two of the songs, out of the 12 or more we paid to record.

Bluegrass Junction Royalties in one month, total more than all the other Stations combined in one year, so it has been the only way that Labels & Artist can recover expenses, since the old way won't work anymore.  Labels & Artist have had to re-invent themselves, to be able to survive in a fast & free world of internet downloading! 

Bluegrass Junction is the only source of income that can remotely touch a recording budget these days.

Please continue showing your support for Bluegrass Junction by contacting the Listener Care Center, Signing the Petition, and by keeping your posts respectful.

If you need assistance with this Petition, contact me, Donna Hughes.

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You can email Sirius XM Listener Care from this page:

Use these hash tags on all your postings: ‪#‎KeepBluegrassOnSiriusXM‬ ‪#‎FightForBluegrassJunction‬

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This petition had 7,624 supporters

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