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Power up & sort a chunk of Misogyny ASAP!

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They say misogyny is on the rise

Misogyny /mɪˈsɒdʒɪni/ is the hatred or dislike of women or girls. Misogyny can be manifested in numerous ways, including sexual discrimination, denigration of women, violence against women, and sexual objectification of women. Misogyny has been characterised as a prominent feature of the mythologies of the ancient world as well as of various religions. In addition, many influential Western philosophers have been described as misogynistic. The counterpart of misogyny is misandry, the hatred or dislike of men; the antonym of misogyny is philogyny, the love or fondness of women.

"Our stories have been buried, denied, erased, altered, and minimized by patriarchal systems that allow impunity to reign. Justice begins when we speak, release, and acknowledge the truth in solidarity and community. ONE BILLION RISING FOR JUSTICE is an invitation to break free from confinement, obligation, shame, guilt, grief, pain, humiliation, rage, and bondage."

Empower this one billion plus abuse victims and their supporters - all they have to do is talk. Through the use of high technology accessed via standard phone from anywhere that has a signal, anywhere in the world. This technology will have the ability to record, understand and emotionally quantify all the calls with regard to fear, anger, sadness, hopelessness etc. All calls will be anonymous and untraceable unless otherwise specified by the caller (ie in need of urgent help). This technology will also be available to help victims find real support of whatever kind is needed. The proposed technology, from companies like IBM and HP has been studied for this purpose, and others, and has great possibilities regarding breaking the cycle of abuse. This will also have the ability to stop the truth being distorted or even hidden.

These 'apps', tools, 'bits of kit' could easily spread to be a set of everyday tools for all of us to use for our own purposes, fights, illnesses, etc

 Research seems to show that most people don't expect the male/female divide to balance any time soon. People are seeing 100 and 200 years as the sort of figure for a better way to be achieved. 50 seems to be the earliest.

50 years?

 How about kicking the pants out of Misogyny in just 5 years.

 Isn't it worth talking with people who deal in Global technology and cognitive computing and meaning based computing and all the technologies that can hear distress and empower the user?

 Imagine. Ramping up the action so that a billion stories suddenly flood our consciousness and maybe even shame a lot of people into changing their ways much much sooner than the predictions say. Or make the likelihood of prosecution of the real culprits that much more open and certain.

 5 years. (I would rather see the powerful possibilities of achieving this time than even consider the present point of view of 100, or 200, or maybe even 300 years)

 Why is this important? Ask those who are hurting now. Ask those who still hurt after decades of distortion. Ask the children of the damaged. Ask the families of the damaged, unfixed people. Ask those in society who have to deal with the wreckage left behind. Why would anyone need additional 'tools' in this day and age? how about for making 100% sure that your rape is not 'shelved' by the police? How about making sure that all evidence is collected re the abuser, nothing 'accidentally' left out of his, or her, case notes. how about an app that you have on your first date which tells you whether the other person is being honest or not? How about an app like a geiger counter but one that lets you know how misogynistic someone is (or misandrystic) in real terms, stopping in it's tracks that old argument "you are a misogynist!" "No, I'm not!" .... "Well, according the the xyz institute for Misogynistic Studies you scored 9 out of 10, so sorry luv but you really are a woman hater so CHANGE!!!). some apps might seem daft at first but each plots part of the picture to find out what it is that seems to be winding up the hate against women.

There is no accurate evidence that shows which 'joke' is harmful to women and their futures and which is just funny. There is no full understanding of the damage arising from an offhand remark or one put down too many. Most people don't mean to hurt but their past's almost dictate, sometimes actually do dictate, their 'in the now' actions.

Most 'ok' people who hurt others do it for reasons many of them don't understand. Many of them because that is how they were built. They could no more change that part of them without the right help than any damaged person could.

Most damaged people spend years of their lives looking for the answer that will sort their heads and give them peace, or happiness or even just the final fading of the remaining nightmares from childhood.

Something’ that listens and understands

Something that works on your side

something that is powerfully intelligent

Something you just start talking to

How about a freephone number that you can use to vent any fury into? Any anger? Any deep sadness? How about something that really listens, really understands and can really help?

One Billion Rising need this for their own uses and they are a large enough group that their use of this kit could kickstart Global use of this technology for all our uses.

All you need to do is sign this in enough numbers so that it makes One Billion Rising start looking at the possibilities of sorting this kit ready for February 14th 2016.

2020 - Headline - Woman Hating drops to all time low.

The examples written about here are just 'possibles'. The input of the victims and their supporters and experts would decide what is built first.

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