President Obama – Corey Jacobs Does Not Deserve To Die in Prison

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President Obama – Corey Jacobs Does Not Deserve To Die in Prison

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William Smith started this petition to President Barack Obama

My nephew, Corey Jacobs, is serving a life without parole sentence for his role in a non-violent drug conspiracy.

Corey’s involvement in the conspiracy occurred when he was in his early twenties.  This case is his first ever felony conviction. Corey was very young and by no stretch a drug kingpin. Absolutely no aspect of the conspiracy was violent. Despite the federal government not finding of any drugs, weapons, or large sums of money, my nephew was sentenced to life in prison. His conviction was based primarily on the self-serving testimony of co-defendants, who testified against him in exchange for reduced sentences of their own. 

Corey is truly remorseful for all the harm his unwise choices caused to all those affected. He does not make excuses and accepts full responsibility for his actions. Corey has remained positive and worked extremely hard to better himself. During the 16 years of his incarceration, he has received over 100 certificates, including numerous courses to substantially enhance his education, and completed 3 major residential programs.

Life in prison without the possibility of parole is, short of execution, the harshest imaginable punishment available in America. It screams a person is beyond hope, beyond redemption. It rips away any chance of reconciliation with society and gives no chance of fulfillment outside the prison walls. And, in Corey’s case, it is grossly out of proportion to the conduct it seeks to punish. This fundamental death sentence should not be imposed on non-violent drug offenders.

Notable Support

Federal drug laws were mandatory at the time Corey was sentenced, meaning the judge had no choice but to send Corey to prison for the rest of his life.  Notably, the same judge who sentenced Corey to life in prison – supports Corey’s request for clemency. The judge confirms he is “certain” he would not have imposed a life sentence on Corey had federal laws, at the time, “not virtually mandated it.”

Corey Jacobs is ready for freedom.

My nephew has shown tremendous dedication to bettering himself and was disproportionately sentenced to life in prison under laws that have since been reformed. Corey has more than paid the price for the crime he was convicted of by serving the past 16 years in prison. He is well prepared for release to meaningfully contribute to society.

President Obama can literally save his life.

Corey’s clemency petition is filed with the Office of the Pardon Attorney. President Obama has granted commutations to a total of 187 deserving people – showing he is committed to restoring the sense of fairness at the heart of our justice system. It is my daily prayer that the President continues to show mercy and that my nephew is added to the President’s clemency list. He is a great man with a compassionate spirit and is always reaching out from within to make a difference in people’s lives. My life goal is to see Corey regain his freedom.  Corey was my sister’s only child and his grandmother’s only grandchild.  Both have since passed away.  Our family misses him dearly. It is my hope and prayer that he is reunited with his children.

Please help me urge President Obama to grant Corey’s pending clemency petition. A life sentence, assuring Corey will die in federal prison for a non-violent drug offense – his first felony conviction, is too heavy a burden.

Thank you in advance for your merciful consideration to help save Corey’s life.

More information about Corey's story and additional ways you can help can be found at Follow @FreeCoreyJacobs on Twitter.

Confirmed victory

This petition made change with 16,467 supporters!

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