Pottsville, Pa let Gracie the pig come home remove pot bellied pigs from prohibited list!!

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Changing this ordinance will help my family bring home our pet American mini pig Gracie Mae, this change will help her to stay part of our family. It will break my three children's hearts to not be able to keep her in our family. Also another family I know recieved a 10 day notice to remove their pet pig of 3 years from the city because of this outdated ordinance that classifies all pig as swine and farm animals. Please help us change the city ordinance to take mini pigs off the list of prohibited animals in the city. Please help us show the Pottsville, Pa Mayor and City Council that mini pigs are loved and are just like any other house pet and are loveable and not farm animals or live stock. My family loves our Pet American/Juliana mini pot-bellied pig Gracie Mae, Please help us show the City Council and Mr. Mayor to change the city ordinance to allow pet mini pigs in the City of Pottsville, PA! Thank you from all of my family and our piglet Gracie Mae!