To retain the full-time Publications Adviser's position

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It was brought to the attention of the Publications students as of 2/18/20 that the school board had decided to no longer fund the Publications Adviser position full time due to budget cuts. This means that our current adviser, Mrs. Herring will no longer be able to advise us and will be moving back to the English Department. To the students and many others, this is heartbreaking. There also is a possibility that the program could not have an adviser. Without a full-time adviser, the publication team will not be able to function at the high quality it does now. As of right now, the decisions for next year is that students will be allowed only 8th period to work on the yearbook and website. As I am a student of the program, that is not enough time to create the multiple award-winning publications that we produce each year. 

As many of you are aware, the Pottsville yearbook is a legacy. It is not like any other. Currently, Pub is the only national award-winning program the district has ever had, having been apart of the curriculum since the 1950s. The Pottsville yearbook is also the oldest public school yearbook in the United States, having been published continuously as a pamphlet from 1884 to 1886, 1887 marked the start of the bound book. It is also a national award-winning program with students who earned over 3500 state and national honors for their work. Graduates who have gone on to great success in a variety of fields have been the result of the last 35 plus years in Pub. The board is currently turning its eye to all these accomplishments.

The key to our success for multiple years is a strong dedicated full-time adviser. Our current adviser has expanded our program in the last two years in many ways. She was able to create an outstanding business staff that brought in more than $20,000 in the last two years from business sponsorships. We use this funding to attend conferences and create books. She is constantly assisting parents and answering phone calls all day long, while still managing to help her students with their content. The publications program has been a part of the curriculum since the 1950s. This is a very time-consuming program, it will not survive as simply an extracurricular. It needs the full-time position of an adviser. To clarify, the board will not cut the program completely, but the quality of the yearbook and our school online newspaper will essentially be cut in half. 

Our yearbook is not put together overnight. It is a process and requires teamwork. With a team comes a dedicated coach, and that right there is Mrs. Herring. The Publications Department needs all the help it can get. We ask current members of the Publications program, students, parents, alumni of the program and alumni of the school to sign our petition down below and to showcase their support by sharing this post and attending the school board meeting on March 17. Thank you for your support. #SAVEPUB #PUBvBOARD