Get Ms. Anitas job back

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Recently the Potterville School District has voted to get rid of the lunch ladies and switch to Chartwell, the lunch ladies were promised they'd still have a job but here they are without one. The head lunch lady Ms. Anita is the most wonderful person, she is so kind and caring. She's the type of person that the students aren't afraid to go to because they know she'll understand what's going on and she helps them through their problems.

She also worked as the money taker for the sporting events and she always tells the players good luck, she will always have small talk with the parents, and she always has a smile on her face greeting people. 

As a student of the Potterville School District, I know how the other students are feeling about the decision Potterville has made. Losing Ms. Anita is going to be a huge loss for Potterville, she has been there for about 20 years and she was planning on retiring from Potterville but now she doesn't have that chance because the school couldn't stick to a promise they made. So by signing this petition, it shows that you care and don't agree with getting rid of the lunch ladies at Potterville Public Schools.