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SUPPORT FOR ED HAMILTON, Pottawatomie County Animal Control Officer!!!

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Ed Hamilton is the Animal Control Officer for Pottawatomie County, but he is more than that. He is a Father, a Brother, a Husband, an Uncle, and a Grandfather.

A petition was started some days ago to get this man fired from a position that he has held for more than 24 years. Ed Hamilton, has done this same job everyday for nearly 25 years. This is something he believes in, something he loves. He gets to help all the animals that are dumped on the side of the road, animals that are being starved, animals being abused and neglected, animals that are malnourished, animals that have lost their mama, and animals that are being caged/ chained until they die. Sometimes he has to do the part of the job he hates the most. Putting an animal down. He hates to do that. He is an animal lover just like the majority of the population.

Some days ago, he received a phone call from the Sherriff's Dept. A dog had gotten loose and bit someone. He responded, just like he always does. He never misses a call. When he arrived on scene and got out to get his catch pole, the dog charged him. He jumped back into his truck and waited. Once he was able to get back out of his truck, he reached for his catch pole again. The dog charged him AGAIN! The dog was about a foot from him when he pulled his gun and fired. He killed the dog. He shot the dog because, it was either going to be him or the dog. This dog was VICIOUS. Children and adults alike are a lot safer now. Nobody else has to get bitten by this dog.

I am asking for everyone to support this man. He does a difficult job. Nobody wants to kill an animal, but when it comes to the safety of the public and animals there is NOBODY, I would trust more than Ed Hamilton. He has so many years experience and knowledge about animals that you'd just be plain stupid to call anyone else. He knows what he is talking about, he is dedicated, and he works hard. He works around the clock, 24/7. He takes no days off, no vacations. People are dragging this man's name and reputation through the mud because they don't like him or what he does. From experience, if you don't like him its because you have broken the law and have had to deal with him having or taking your animal. That is what happens when you break the laws. If you are speeding and a police officer pulls you over, they are going to give you a ticket. Keep doing it and they will take your driver's license. The same thing applies to having an animal. Break the law and the animal causing you to break the law(s) will be removed. Its common sense, really. Although, common sense is a flower that doesn't grow in everybody's garden, now isn't it?!

For those of you that are supporting the petition to get him fired, just remember... When you are being chased by a dog, scared for your life remember who you are trying to terminate. When you get bitten, and no one comes to your rescue, remember he would have.

I think its also worth noting that Ed Hamilton is on the 7 Township Fire and Rescue Dept. He holds the record for calls answered in the entire dept. When you call because you need help, remember he is the one that is going to respond. He is the one that will be helping you. The man that you are scrutinizing will be the one saving your butt. Think about that! This guy does more charity work than the Pope! Mows yards for elderly people, keeps the roadside park looking nice. He doesn't receive a dime. Not even a penny. He still does it though.

Once again, I am asking for everyone's support!!!


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