Remove Fluoride ~ Potsdam NY Village Water

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Potsdam Village Trustees Meeting * Municipal Fluoride Issue
Tuesday, September 4, 5 pm, Civic Center, 2 Park St., Potsdam NY

The possibility of removing Fluoride being applied to the Village water system will be a topic. Likely a full vote on discontinuing or not on 9/17.  Attend the meeting to voice your views, and sign this petition to stop medicating the entire municipal water supply with toxic waste - that is readily available in pure pharmaceutical form for citizens who wish to use it.  NOTE: Venue may change to accommodate larger crowd.

The Village received a grant from the state to do an engineering study on its fluoridation equipment to see what it would take to rehabilitate the system as part of the upcoming renovation of the municipal water treatment plant.

Trustees have to decide whether to go forward with the results from the study - to upgrade and continue fluoridating or to cease fluoridating the water.

Adding this chemical waste by-product to our Village water system is not necessary to human health and is not worth the negative health effects for others in our community who have contra-indicated medical conditions such as kidney disease or hypothyroidism (or may be more likely to have poor health results due to over-fluoridation.)

Riddle me this: What pharmacist would hand you a prescription and say, "Take 1-8 of these per day, but I have no idea what the dosage is"? There is Fluoride in our food, soil, in beverages, toothpaste and other topical treatments - it is impossible for any doctor to tell you what your daily dose is, only how much you 'might' be getting via water consumption. What medicine do you consume, not knowing how much you're getting, or whether you need it, or if it might actually not even be good for your particular physiology?

All dentists agree that topical application directly to the teeth is the most efficient means of getting Fluoride where we want it to go. Topical applications are pharmaceutical grade as well, not the by-product of fertilizer plants and aluminum smelter chimney stacks in China.

It is unconscionable to medicate an entire community for something that is essentially the parent's responsibility, not the State's to impose. There are programs for those of low-income who want it. We do not medicate the water for any other purpose, not even the number one killer of all U.S. citizens, heart disease.


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