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We want a venue in Appleton, to book national metal, hardcore, punk and hard rock bands.

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In order to secure financing and to obtain licenses and permits, I need to prove that my business has a market that it can thrive in and fit a need. One way to prove this market exists is to conduct a survey. Since a petition is essentially a survey, I have created this petition to identify and prove there is a market in the Fox Valley for such a venue.

The target market is fans of metal, hardcore, punk, hard rock and any other more extreme styles of music and art. Metalheads are a tight international brotherhood and sisterhood of passionate, like-minded individuals. It is a lifestyle and a culture and the Fox Valley has a growing population of metalheads and rockers. I have heard them speak over the years about having their own venue. A venue that respects and nourishes their culture. I have been a metalhead since age thirteen and have my finger on the pulse of the current state of the scene. Older metalheads take their kids to shows and many generations enjoy the experience. Many of these older metalheads now have disposable income and are willing to pay for VIP reserved seats and treatment. Many metalheads are hard working, roll up your sleeves and get the job done blue collar types that are ready to live it up on the weekends watching live bands playing their favorite style of music. Metal spans all segments of the population.

Another big segment of our target market is the kids, mainly ages thirteen and up . There are very few all ages venues in the Fox Valley. Many kids go to see dingy basement shows where they pay a small cover charge and crowd in like sardines to enjoy bands touring through the area. We want to give them somewhere to go on the weekends and keep them from roaming the streets bored. We will provide a safe haven for them to enjoy music.

We also want to target various charities and host at least one benefit show per month. Metalheads tend to take care of their own. I'm a veteran with a service-connected disability. Back in 2009, I needed open heart surgery to replace a bad valve and repair an aortic aneurysm. The Veterans Administration took care of me. Now I am ready to give back. The metal scene is a caring and giving brotherhood. Just as the veterans who have served our country have given us the freedom to have the opportunity to give back. Our scene is always giving benefit shows for local charities and families in need. We will have benefit shows for charities such as the Wounded Warrior Project of Wisconsin and will develop a list of veterans that can attend concerts for free. Our building will be up to ADA standards with handicap accessible ramps, restrooms, VIP balcony areas, special general admission access booth, parking and more. We will take care of our vets, disabled or otherwise.

A benefit show called Metalheads for Mammograms will be held annually to raise money for breast cancer for such charities as Susan G. Komen for the Cure and others. There will also be a benefit show for autism. We know many metalheads with autistic kids that could use our help. We will also donate to local food pantries and other charities such as Toys for Tots and host a benefit called Metalheads for Mutts for the local Humane Society.

There are also plans to include a Metal, Hardcore, Punk, Hard Rock and Rock Museum and Hall of Fame. Although there is a Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, this will focus on the aforementioned genres and we will seek donations from bands, record labels and industry insiders that will give or loan instruments, clothing and other music related items with historical value. This will attract international attention and bring more people to the Fox Valley to help support the local economy.

We also support local, national and international artists that create art based on these music genres. Deviant and Dark Art is a growing segment that needs to be seen and appreciated. These artists can display and sell their works in our art gallery. 

Lastly, we would like to put together a green initiative by recycling our refuse and installing solar panels on the roof to help reduce our carbon footprint and reduce our utility bill, especially the heating bill during the cold Wisconsin winters.  There are many government grants available to us for taking these initiatives and we will utilize them. 

Thank you in advance for supporting local music and contributing to our thriving scene. 

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