Stop killing the Norwegian wolves!

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The Norwegian Government must respect nature, our democracy and the law! The state-sanctioned hunts on wolves in Norway must be stopped, immediately!

Arbeiderpartiet (The Labour Party) and Fremskrittspartiet (The Progress Party) are now trying to alter the Diversity Act in order to kill more wolves. This is unacceptable! The few serious politicians we have left must stop this. Stop listening to Senterpartiet (The Centre Party), forest owners, farmers and hunters. Enough is enough! 

On New Years Day, 2020, in Norway, 180 men gathered to hunt down 6 wolves. They managed to kill 4, leaving two scared pups alone in the woods. The norwegian wolves are a red listed critically endangered species, protected by the Berne Convention, but still some forest owners, farmers and hunters continue to kill our wolves. And this is happening with the approval from the norwegian government! It's an outrage! 

As of now we have 45 to 47 wolves in Norway. An additional 19 to 21 wolves are wandering between Norway and Sweden (source: The wolves in Norway, except for 3 to 4 animals, live in what's called the "Wolf Zone". This is a small area (5% of the country) located south/east, next to the swedish border. Here the wolves are "allowed" to live in peace. This is also where the Lettjenna-pack was hunted down and killed on New Years Day 2020.

The kill count for 2017-18 was 31 wolves (source: Last year, 26 wolves was killed during the first six months (source:

Stop the madness! It's cruel. It's unnecessary. It's unacceptable. It must be stopped! 

Photo: Rovviltets Røst.