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Raise postal rates and stop Saturday delivery

Taking a letter from your friend's doorstep in New York to your doorstep in San Francisco for $0.45 is absurd. Showing up 6 times a week to do it is just plain inefficient.

There is a reason that UPS, DHL, and FedEx won't even come close to those prices - it's highly unprofitable to do it. While the USPS is not a profit centered, stock price driven machine, it makes sense to price services according to their value.

By losing money on mail sent through the system, the USPS is damaging their mission. It no longer makes sense as it once did to have postal rates so low ($0.32 for a FIRST CLASS postcard!) and to have pickup and delivery 6 times a week to most addresses.

1. Phase in price increases over the next few years in the magnitude of at least $1 per piece of mail to be delivered.
2. Have only a single class of mail (not First or Bulk), with an option for EXPRESS, Signature Conf., etc still intact
3. Reduce delivery to only weekdays (and eventually twice a week to all addresses).

#1 is necessary for the system to support itself financially. #2 will make the entire system more efficient by reducing time taken to sort mail. #3 just makes sense because if you need a letter to go out same day, you can drop it off at the post office, or just wait up to two days to send it. And if something was critical to deliver to you, the sender would have used Express Mail or another overnight service anyway, not standard USPS.

Of course there are painful side effects here including reduced labor force, but in the long run there will be a larger benefit and overall good including a more stable and financially strong system, LESS junk mail, and more efficient mail delivery.

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Thank you!

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