Post Conviction Relief for Nicholas Williams

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Nicholas was wrongly accused of murder when he shot and killed a drunk man in our home who was attacking him. Nicholas plead not guilty by reason of self-defense. He was not made any type of plea offer even though he had no priors whatsoever. The only "eyewitness" by his own admission was passed out at the time. Nicholas was 29 at the time and weighed 150. The man who attacked him was a 49 year old felon, 6' and 300 pounds. The prosecution gave false information, such as the victim wore leg braces and had no drugs in his system, which we know is not true, as he was a daily user of both Xanax and Tramadol. After the shooting, Nicholas tried to revive the decedent, then waited almost an hour for the police to show up after calling 911 TWICE. He truly felt his life was in danger as he was cornered and being choked by a man twice his size. He was sentenced to Life Without Parole. We believe this is unfair punishment due to the fact that Nicholas is not a habitual criminal and is not a flight risk (or he would not have hung around waiting for the police). He has served almost 4 years for defending himself. Please give this young man a chance. His 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th amendment rights were violated. He deserves retrial or commutation of sentence as he did not commit this shooting with premeditation or malice aforethought. Remember this happened in our own home...he is my son and was wrongly accused, wrongly charged, and excessively sentenced.    

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