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Portugal strikes gay marriage!


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Portugal stayed gay marriage in the embassies that are in countries where gay marriage is not allowed.

The suspension of marriages between same sex in Portuguese embassies and consulates of countries that do not admit, announced this Thursday, January 20, 2011, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is totally misguided, says Judge Eurico Reis.

In comments to Lusa news agency, Eurico Reis stated that the suspension is pointless. The Office of the Secretary of State for Communities, Antonio Braga, said in a statement that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has determined by a document submitted on 14 consular posts, suspend, until otherwise instructed, the marriages between same-sex celebrate in countries where this modality is not legally permitted.

This occurs after this week, the Consulate General of Portugal in Marseille have postponed marriage Livy Mota, a Portuguese citizen, and Florent Robin, a French citizen, in the French city.

Soon after the approval of marriage between same sex in Portugal, the Foreign Ministry informed the consular posts that the celebration of marriages between same sex was valid in Portugal and before diplomatic agents and consular services in foreign countries, even that both spouses or one of them is a national of that State does not admit of such marriages.

This interpretation of the law and the judge was correctíssima Eurico Reis confesses to not understand what led the Portuguese diplomacy to move to a position totally misguided.

Emphasizing that embassies and consulates are territories, Eurico Reis has no doubts as to the case of Livy Mota and Florent Robin: The marriage is valid in Portugal, is celebrated in Portuguese territory, and is not valid in countries where the marriage is not allowed. So they will be legally married in Portugal and France will be singles.

Join me in this cause. Raise your voice and tell Portugal to fix it!

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