Change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day in Portsmouth

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The members of the We Speak organisation would like to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples' Day in the city of Portsmouth, NH. We would like this petition to gain the attention of the City Council, however, we are mainly focused on implementing the change in the Portsmouth School District. Future generations should have an education that is accurate and not a white-washed written history. We would like City Council to stay true to its Racial Justice Municipality Resolution by “employing and regularly reviewing best practices to support racial justice," by supporting this change to Indigenous Peoples' Day. By changing the holiday's name we also change the story we support and associate ourselves with. We move away from old and uneducated traditions and towards recognizing the struggles of Indigenous People in the past, present, and future. "Teaching more accurate and complete narratives and differing perspectives is key to our society is rethinking it’s history". Does Portsmouth want to be associated with the true history of Christopher Columbus?