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Keep the TV Media program alive at Portsmouth High School

The TV Media program does far more than provide an opportunity to learn about media and TV-Production, it has a much more far reaching effect that influences the entire school.

Every Friday after announcements the entire school is treated to a weekly TV show created by the Media II class, which is shown on TVs in each classroom. The show, entitled The Clipper News Report, is far more than just a TV production. The show informs students about upcoming school events and functions in engaging and entertaining ways. The show spotlights school sporting events, drama productions, various clubs, and school events. The show also features a segment called the Special Report. In the Special Report students provide their insights into various aspects of school pride, popular culture, and their plans for the future. The Clipper News Report generates a sense of school pride and involvement among students. People will tell you that every week they look forward to Friday to see the show. Cutting the TV Media program has a much further reaching effect then people may think.

The TV Media classes are also vastly important to students interested in media. There are many students who sign up for the class out of curiosity, and after taking the course discover that it is something that they really love doing. There have been many students at PHS who have discovered their love for media after taking the course, who later go on to collage to pursue the subject. Many of these students would have never have thought of pursuing it as a career choice without going through the TV Media Program.

Cutting the TV Media Program will not only close doors for many students, it will also remove a staple of the Portsmouth High School experience that students love and enjoy. On June 12th the School Board voted to completely cut the TV Media Program from Portsmouth High School, it is up to us to let them know that yes, we do think that this is an important program to Portsmouth High School and they should keep the program alive.

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    Discontinuation of the TV Media program at Portsmouth High School

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