Prevent Construction on Eastney Beach

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The purpose of this petition is to let Portsmouth Council know that we are strongly against any new construction on Eastney Beach.

Eastney Beach is known for its wild natural beauty. Its unique character is appreciated and enjoyed by residents and visitors of Portsmouth alike. One of the key features of Eastney Beach is an unspoiled view of the sea that can be enjoyed from the esplanade along the beach. Photos cannot describe how beautiful and peaceful it is.

Until recently it was hard to imagine that this could ever change. However a dangerous precedent has been set: the first commercial building was constructed on Eastney beach in 2014. We anticipate that other planning applications may follow soon, and if approved, it will destroy the very thing we love about our beach. We want to stop this trend now before it is too late. We want Portsmouth Council to prevent any future construction on Eastney Beach and preserve its natural character.

We say no to new construction on Eastney Beach. Save the view from Eastney Esplanade! Save Eastney Beach. Preserve its beauty for future generations.