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Stop Violating The Sexual Assault Law: Title IX

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Under Title IX, students should feel comfortable enough to get an education without having to worry about being assaulted. Portland State University seems like a safe environment, with many bright lights surrounding the campus, campus police patrolling about, and the ‘Creating a Safe Campus’ module that was intended to inform students about sexual harassment, sexual misconduct and sexual assault. This said module is a requirement for all students in order to be enrolled at Portland State University. This module goes on about Title IX, examples of sexual assault and where to report sexual assault. 

A dear friend was violently raped by a Portland State University Student on Portland State University campus in the university’s housing and Portland State University has done nothing to reassure that justice has been brought. She not only had a rape kit performed but also went to the Portland Police who brought her straight back to the campus security. She reported the sexual assault to the school and only had a trial after much delay. After this tragic incident it seems as though following the guidelines of reporting a sexual assault with hard evidence existing of said assault, justice and safety to a victim will not be guaranteed. The violations to the Student Code of Conduct are determined by a preponderance of evidence. Despite that fact, my friend’s violent rapist will have no consequences and is walking away free despite having video and physical evidence against him. Despite all the evidence, he will return to school at Portland State University this fall with no charges against him.

We need your help to show Portland State University that sexual assault should not be tolerated ANYWHERE.  They need to realize that they are violating Title IX and that RAPE IS A CRIME. My friend's rapist needs to receive the punishment he deserves for what he has done. We need justice to be served in Portland State University so nobody has to worry about their safety while trying to do something good for their lives.

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