Stop Portland State University from Protecting a Serial Rapist & Abuser

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Portland State University is protecting a serial rapist and abuser.

a PSU student, assaulted and abused multiple women over the last year and a half. The survivors are PSU students and Portland community members. The PSU administration has been aware of his actions for five
months. They refuse to address the presence of this predator on campus. They are doing nothing to penalize him.

Inaction on the part of the University galvanized students in solidarity with  survivors. They chose to take action rather than placing their peers at continued risk of sexual violence.

On April 30th, 2018, a group of students interrupted one of  class to warn his classmates. For this, armed campus police officers were dispatched. The students were subsequently called in for Code of Conduct violations, and some of the student’s sanctions have been decided:
1. Disciplinary Probation until May 1st, 2019
2. Reflection Paper
3. 25 Hours of Community Service

We have written this statement to urge our community to hold sexual predators, abusers, and systems that empower and protect them accountable. These occurrences have exemplified that the University has been non-compliant with it’s Title IX obligations under state law.

Portland State University fails to hold sexual predators and abusers accountable.

Portland State University fails to keep survivors and our community safe.

We demand that Portland State University:
I. Expel immediately.
II. Revoke the named sanctions given to the students who participated in the class interruption to call out Eid on April 30th.
III. Suspend individuals who are under investigation by the University for sexual assault immediately upon the investigation taking place.
IV. Acknowledge their non-compliance with Title IX obligations as a state university, and consequently give teaching sessions to the appropriate administrators on what it means to be compliant with Title IX.
V. Actively and relentlessly work to remain compliant with Title IX obligations.
VI. Allocate more funds from the university budget towards resources for sexual assault and domestic violence survivors.