Keep Oregon’s School Resource Officers

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Many groups are taking advantage of the current situation in order to push a radical agenda. They claim that school resource officers are associated with violence in schools... but they don’t realize that these officers are put in place to respond to violence. They’re only associated with violence insomuch as they respond to and prevent it. Schools- especially in high crime, low income areas- need resource officers. For students to learn, they need to first be safe. Often, unarmed teachers and counselors cannot respond to a threat on campus. School resource officers are equipped to do this, and need to be further trained to handle these situations. Taking them away is illogical, and simply harms our students. Oregon schools- especially districts around the Portland Metro Area- need resource officers present. Radical groups in Oregon, and nationwide, want to push their agenda. It’s time that everyone with common sense unite to draw a line of reason in the sand. More reform and training may be a good option. But canceling law enforcement out of the equation isn’t the way to go. If youth are our future, why wouldn’t we stand up for safe learning environments?