Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. Game Issues That Need Fixing!

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The page admins of Lords & Ladies of Fantasy facebook page  have heard your pleas, and agree with all of you that changes should be made to the long awaited game, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. The page's owner's own husband, who showed interest in the game previously, has even stated that with everything he has heard, he has no interest in playing until the energy issue is fixed, and he is not the only one! Many of us waited patiently for the game to be released, only to find out getting through any game or activity sometimes took multiple logins to complete because the class would end, or the activity would end, before they had enough energy to complete it. And most classes give you 3 hours to start! This is unacceptable. This seems to be the only real issue with the game as well. The graphics are marvelous, the story is great, and there are many places to unlock. But we could also use some more things to explore! Below are some changes we think would be good for the game. And we want to thank the creators of the game for creating it in the first place. But you will lose players if the following things are not taken care of. Most of us are adults with jobs, kids, and school and cannot be on this game all, day every, just to advance the storyline!

1. Start with MORE energy (50 would work!)
2. Make energy refill every 2 minutes instead of 4
3. Award energy for "focusing" in classes
4. Starting a class or adventure should put you at full energy
5. More options for classes (people shouldn't have to use 5 energy to glance at other students work if they wouldn't do it in real life!
6. Make activities in classes, or adventures, cost less energy or NO energy (such as resting should GIVE you energy, not take it!)
7. Give us more places to explore that might give us more energy! Or make us gain knowledge or empathy or coins!