Porter County- Clean up 143 N 250 W, Valparaiso

Porter County- Clean up 143 N 250 W, Valparaiso

April 9, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by 246 W 150 N

We live next door to “that” house- the disaster on the east side of 250 W, which everyone passes on their way to Aberdeen, Sylvan Manor, and Sagamore.   Help me get Porter County’s attention! 

We have watched in horror as the property has become an actual dumpsite, to store its equipment and dump debris, a site of multiple domestic fights/issues from when the owner was married then subsequently divorced, and even when he let multiple animals die on the property because of improper care.

It wasn't like when we moved here. In fact, the property had different owners and it was beautiful. We are heartbroken that this is happening, that our property values are probably exponentially lower because of this, and that we have to be embarrassed each time we meet new people and have to say, "Yeah, we live by that house." 

We are trying to figure out what to do and have notified the county and IDEM already. (We've been sending emails/filing complaints with the code enforcement since 2012).

At this present point, our concerns include almost everything that the Porter County code enforcement webpage lists as "examples" of potential code violations:

  • Massive amounts of yard debris, vehicles, garbage;
  • Multiple broken pieces of equipment, likey leaking oil and/or other materials, which will permeate the ground and cause ground water/well contamination;
  • The broken "privacy" fence, which is not properly installed that being held up with food/gas containers- it is dangerous; and,
  • frequent burning- sometimes yard debris, sometimes garbage, which is being done nearby all these gas-powered equipment.  This burning causes smoke/smells that are so strong that my kids weren't able to go outside during the day over spring break and burns our eyes and lungs when we go outside.

We have tried with Joey Larr, the code enforcement officer for Porter County, throughout the past decade and a half to get some sort of relief from the disaster, but it has only grown worse under Porter County's watch.   We’ve also repeatedly notified the Porter County commissioners.  Mr. Larr's advice has been to make peace with our neighbor.  We have tried.

Twice, the county acted.  Once the owner was charged with animal abuse.  But he’s now allowed pets on the property, again.  Then, in 2019, the county did charge him with code violations, which were filed in Judge Bradford's Superior Court, but after getting a court order, Porter County lost interest in enforcing the order, and let it grow so much worse.

I am concerned about the health of my family and mortified that this has continued go on this long. The county’s excuse is that there are bigger issues, and that “he’s just a hoarder, can it do much about it.”

In March of this year, the county again promised they would take some action, but again, it would “take time.” They did promise it would be a public process.  

Since then, though, Jim Biggs has refused to apprise me of the status, has refused to provide a timeline for when it would happen, and has refused to provide any detail regarding what the county might do.

I’ve also asked for a list of the processes at the county level- how to make public record of this issue, other than the online complaint to Mr. Larr, and for to the appropriate way for placing this on the agenda for the meeting of the board of commissioners, so we could be involved in all meetings being held by the Department of Development and Stormwater Management, which appears to be the department that handles Code Enforcement.  I’ve never received a meaningful response.

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Signatures: 509Next Goal: 1,000
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