Stop litigation against the Bar-Ann Drive in Theater

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Stop litigation against the Bar-Ann Drive in Theater

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Drive-in theaters are regretfully a dying part of small town America.  Portage Township, Pennsylvania still has one of these icons of times gone by, but is slowly working against the owners to push yet another part of history into oblivion.

One Township resident has raised concerns of the sign to the Bar-Ann Drive In, which is at the entrance to Cryan Alley.  According to the resident, it blocks the view up and down Springhill Road, and is a hazard to people pulling out of that alley.  Accident records show no such hazard exists, and in fact, the only accident that occured - the sign actually prevented further damage by stopping the car sliding further down the hill.  For the record, this was related to excessive speed, and not a vision obstruction from the Bar-Ann Drive In sign.

Entering into litigation with the Bar-Ann Drive in benefits no one but one Township resident.  This could cause the Drive In to lose business, pay additional court costs, and lawyer fees to fight litigation brought on by the Portage Township Supervisors.  This is also detrimental to the residents of Portage by embarking on a friviolous lawsuit, using Township taxpayers dollars to do so, and being the responsible party for destroying one of the last positive vestiges of business in Portage Township.

We, the past and present residents of Portage Township and surrounding communities, wholeheartedly disagree with the Township's decision to pursue such litigation.  We stand firmly with Bar-Ann Drive In, and are signing to request the Portage Township Supervisors to drop any current or future litigation against the Bar-Ann Drive In regarding the location, size, or structure of the Bar-Ann Drive In sign, until a time when it is deemed structurally unsound by licenced engineers, not just a matter of inconvienence to one Township resident.

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