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Many of us live in areas where stray and feral cats take residence on our property.  These animals do not hurt anyone.  They are simply seeking shelter and food... the same necessities are we seek each day.  While many people will "shoo" them away, there are some to reach out to Mother Nature and help these animals by giving them a shelter from the cold and food in their bellies at night.  Marie is one of those individuals.  She noticed a feral cat "problem" in her neighborhood and took it upon herself to not only help the cats, but help the entire neighborhood. 

Marie contacted a group of animal rescuers and activists.  Together, they were able to trap, provide vetting, and spay/ neuter all of the cats coming onto her property.  This is a technique called TNR (TRAP-NEUTER-RELEASE).  Research has shown that the TNR method is not only the MOST effective way to control the feral cat population, it is pretty much the ONLY way to control it.   There were 6 cats frequenting her property.  Vetting was done, and the project cost roughly $300.  It was obvious that this was a small price to pay for these helpless animals, and to help the community in general. Or, at least it seemed that way.

On June 22, 2018, Marie received a notice from the Port Vue Borough stating that she was in violation of ordinance 547, 109-2,3,4,5,6,7,8, and 9, stating that there were multiple complaints regarding cats.  With no further explanation, the warning stated that if she did not "fix this" within 5 days hours, she could be fined $650 per animal, per ordinance (which is over $35,000), as well as as possible 90 days in JAIL.   Luckily, the borough manager said that they were willing to hold the notice until after the next borough meeting, where she will be given a chance to explain her situation.  Marie reached back out to the rescuers who helped her vet her feline family.

As more research was done, it was brought to light that many other people were given the same notices.  It is mind boggling to anyone who is educated in wildlife and TNR why a borough would want to exterminate these animals, and punish those who are helping the situation.  Through this petition, we are hoping to educate those in the community who do not understand TNR.  We hope to help people understand that small feral cat colonies are not harmful, and can actually be beneficial to have in the neighborhood.  By collecting signatures, we hope to show that the majority of people agree that these cats are taken care of in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE, the ONLY WAY POSSIBLE, and they need to be left alone now.  Also, their caregivers need not be harassed or threatened anymore.  

Thank you for being a part of a movement that will hopefully provide refuge to these animals and peace of mind to the colony caregivers of Port Vue, PA.