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Find the people responsible for harming the pets of Port Pirie

Because our little balls of fluff and fur are precious. They are a part of the family and by harming a member of a family, the perpetrators are harming all of us. It hurts my eyes, my heart, and my soul to view pictures of an injury made by a paintball gun to a cat or to hear that a dog's teeth had to be removed because some stranger decided that he wanted to kick down a gate to abuse a helpless animal lounging in it's own back yard. The resident's of this area of South Australia are petrified that they will be retaliated against by those causing these devastating injuries and cannot provide the tips to the authorities that are needed. The police and the council need to step up the search for these people. Provide extra patrol during the period of 7:00 at night and 2:00 in the morning. The hours when it is dark and the pets are let outside to do their business before their owners retire for bed. It is under the cover of these dark hours that are prime time for attacks against pets and other animals.

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  • Port Pirie, Australia, Police Department and Regional Council

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