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When is Port Phillip council going to clean our putrid canal from Elwood to St Kilda???

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We the undersigned demand that our once upon a time beautiful canal running from Elsternwick to St Kilda beach is finally going to be cleaned out of approximately one meter deep of sludge throughout the whole canal,containing toxic chemicals, shopping trolleys & other incredibly disgusting rubbish that is killing the fish, ducks & general wildlife that tend to frequent this as a would be could be safe habitat. We have had enough. The stench at low tide is appalling. One can smell the chemicals that the council is obviously placing into the lake in Elsternwick Park & the storm water runoff from Elsternwick golf course containing fertilizers & insecticides, which then starts to pollute the canal. Have any of you Bureaucrats ever wondered why Elwood suffers from flooding????

I am an ex builder, carpenter from Sydney. The Parramatta river which is now a beautiful clean river as a tributary to Sydney harbour was once like Elwood canal. Chock a block of industrial waste & chemicals. It was finally dredged & cleaned up big time to allow the Olympic Games in 2000 to be held on the surrounds of it's banks. I know that the canal could be cleaned out totally, back to it's pristine original condition in 3 low tides. There is total access on both sides for bobcats & trucking waste disposal.

I find it rather amazing that in the last council election, most candidates related their bullshit political propaganda to their so called beloved canal & have failed to push previous councils to have the canal put back to it's original condition. Please as citizens & visitors of this area, let your voices be heard of your grievances re your love of your local environment & get this disgusting council neglection residing in Port Phillip & Melbourne Water's "Fantasy Islands" (the council chambers) get off their butts & use our rate payers money to do something useful for once for the environment & not the corporate powers that seem to have such a grip on their decision making.


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