Get port Macquarie an Ice Staking Rink.

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It's too hot and there is nothing to do in Port Macquarie for kids or adults since the closure of Port Macquarie's famous Fantasy Glades. The nearest Ice skating rink is in Coffs Harbour at the Big Banana, a good 2 hour drive in fast moving traffic and it's even hotter there. We can build it where the old Bunnings warehouse used to be, there's already an metal roof to to keep the ice cold inside.Or another option is at the old demolished Food for Less where's it just a wide open flat empty space. Other are suggestions welcome. We could also house a Canadian-style hockey team and run a Canadian restaurant in the sports complex while watching figure skating competitions. In, addition tourists would love it as there's not much to do for tourists in Port Macquarie and schools from around the Hastings could use the facility and have lessons and compete.