Halt the Demolition of Port Chester

Halt the Demolition of Port Chester

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Port Chester Board of Trustees

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Started by Norm Davis

The Port Chester Main Street Association www.Portchestermainst.org is opposed to the demolition of entire blocks of retail spaces on Main Street to make room for oversize, out-of-character buildings. The loss of unique, historic buildings, together with the loss of locally-owned properties and businesses, will have a long-term negative effect on the quality of life on Main Street and the surrounding village.

Many communities within driving distance of Port Chester are experiencing the same economic pressures as Port Chester, but have chosen instead to invest in their downtown districts. They are preserving their unique character and charm while promoting local businesses, with great success. PCMSA was formed to bring local business owners and residents together in an effort to preserve the historic appeal of Port Chester's Main Street and the surrounding area, which has consistently attracted local entrepreneurs. Main Street attracts patrons from the surrounding areas and continues to provide a vibrant environment for residents.

The large developments currently under consideration will put an end to local ownership, and will alter the downtown character so severely that it may be impossible to maintain the economic health of Main Street. At the very least, Port Chester will be un-recognizable, and it's unique history will be lost forever. Please visit our website to stay up-to-date on the demolition plans, and please consider supporting PCMSA by signing the petition.      Thank you!

We the undersigned are opposed to development that is destroying the historic character of Main Street.
         We are opposed to:
> New buildings that are too urban, dense, wide, and too high for the downtown area
> New buildings that are approved without adequate time for public comment or historic review
> New buildings that displace local business owners and local building owners
> New buildings that will have a negative impact on traffic, services, and overcrowding

        We are in favor of:
> New buildings that preserve the existing character of the downtown area
> New buildings that are the proper height and appearance for Port Chester
> New buildings that respect the historic value of Port Chester
> New buildings that are locally owned, and occupied by local businesses

3,697 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!