Tell the Port Authority and DEC Not to Kill Coyotes Living near La Guardia Airport

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In 2004, the Port Authority of NY & NJ killing began exterminating Canada geese near La Guardia Airport every summer as part of its bird hazard reduction program to protect aviation safety. Despite the obvious failure of this killing to prevent the "Miracle on the Hudson" in 2009, the Port Authority's killing program has only expanded in the years since, with USDA Wildlife Services killing thousands of geese living in parks across the city and at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge.

Now, adding to this shame, the Port Authority has turned its crosshairs on New York City's rebounding coyote population, a family living near La Guardia Airport. In recent years, New Yorkers have registered numerous sightings of coyotes, all without incident. Experts agree: coyotes are highly beneficial for our city's ecology, and pose little or no threat to humans.

This year, Mayor de Blasio announced WildlifeNYC, a promising new initiative to promote a model of tolerance and coexistence with coyotes and other wildlife. The City's new website lays the groundwork for educating New Yorkers how to live alongside our wild neighbors and overcome fears people may have. Apparently, the Port Authority does not believe this message applies to them.

In November, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey set traps and killed eight coyotes, but some young ones remain in the area. Frank Vincenti of the Wild Dog Foundation has offered to humanely haze the coyotes and Philanthropist Jean Shafiroff has offered to cover all expenses needed to transport these coyotes to a safe haven animal sanctuary. However, the DEC have refused to permit the relocation of the coyotes, and have issued permits allowing USDA Wildlife Services to kill them.

Mayor de Blasio's administration has worked to ensure that people and coyotes can coexist in New York City. The Port Authority's plan to kill (not "euthanize" as they claim) the family of coyotes living near La Guardia Airport is a slap in the face to these groundbreaking efforts. All New Yorkers should be outraged by the Port Authority's decision to kill and must speak out to stop these short-sighted and cruel plans from moving forward.