Tell Popeyes Chicken: End the Cruelty Now


Tell Popeyes Chicken: End the Cruelty Now

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Compassion in World Farming started this petition to President - North America, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc Chad Crawford

Popeyes has been cooking up something terrifying.

Though Popeyes claims the chickens they source are subjected to “ethical, humane treatment,” the truth is much scarier...and it all starts on a factory farm.

Chickens raised for meat make up 95% of farmed animals in America—and because of cruel farming practices, they suffer more, too.

The vast majority of factory farmed chickens spend their entire lives with no access to the outdoors, crowded by the thousands in dimly-lit sheds. The birds have no access to natural light and little room to roam—in fact, each chicken generally spends her life in a space roughly the size of a sheet of paper.

But here’s the really frightening part: factory farming has turned the modern chicken into a genetic monster who grows so big, so fast, she often struggles to stand under her own massive weight—a real-life Frankenchicken. She’s a prisoner of her own body, often unable to move freely and vulnerable to heart, lung, and leg problems.

This is a bird bred to suffer.

There are billions of Frankenchickens just like her—and Popeyes is supporting the cruel practices that bring them to life. You can stop this.

It’s time for Popeyes to end the horror show by committing to a better breed of bird, one whose genetics do not inherently cause suffering, and better living conditions that let chickens be chickens.

Sign the petition to tell Popeyes you don’t support the Frankenchicken.

Other restaurants like Subway, Burger King, Moe's Southwest Grill, Panera, Chipotle, Qdoba, Jack in the Box, and more have already committed to improving the lives of chickens.

Join Compassion in World Farming in demanding that Popeyes raise the bar for chickens—sign this petition today and help spread the word by sharing it with friends and family.

Because chickens deserve better than a factory farm.


This petition made change with 159,706 supporters!

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