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Pope Francis To Baptize Cannabis For Medicinal Use

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Petition Pope Francis To Baptize Cannabis

According to one legend in particular, that's exactly what Pope Clement VIII did for coffee back in the early 1600s.

At the time, the Catholic Church apparently thought coffee was a "bitter invention of Satan," and that it was used by Muslims as a substitute for wine.

This was not good in the eyes of Catholics since wine is used as Jesus's blood in the Eucharist.

The story goes that Pope Clement VIII still somehow took a drink of coffee. After tasting it, he supposedly said: "This devil's drink is so delicious we should cheat the devil by baptizing it!"

As the legend goes, after coffee was "baptized" by Clement, Catholics everywhere began drinking it.

So couldn't Pope Francis do the same thing today with cannabis?

There's even some precedence for popes publicly supporting drugs that later became illegal.

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, Pope Leo XIII and Pope Saint Pius X were both big-time drinkers of something called Mariani Wine.

This drink was marketed as a "tonic wine" that "fortifies, strengthens, stimulates, and refreshes the body and brain," and that "quickly restores health, strength, energy, and vitality."

The secret ingredient: cocaine.

Mariani Wine contained anywhere from 6 to 7.2 milligrams of cocaine per ounce of wine.

Ok, so if Pope Clement VIII supposedly "baptized" an evil drink, thereby making it good, and if two other popes were public supporters of a cocaine-laced wine, is it really that farfetched to suggest that Pope Francis should baptize cannabis?

This seems like an especially good way for him to keep building up his reputation as a progressive-minded game changer.

Although there's precedence for this kind of a move, it may still be a long shot. Back in 2014, the Pope said he did not support the idea of legalizing cannabis.

Let's let him know where we stand as patients and as human beings.

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