Pope Francis: For a Catholic Church WITH the people. Truth and Reconciliation Commission now!

Pope Francis: For a Catholic Church WITH the people. Truth and Reconciliation Commission now!

14 March 2013
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Started by Sigrid Grabmeier & Wir Sind Kirche

The Catholic Church is at a possible turning point in history, being in the process of electing a new leader at a critical moment in both the Church and the world.

The Roman Catholic Church is in a deep crisis, not only in Rome but world-wide. The abuse scandals and their cover-up have led millions of people to doubt the path of the Catholic Church. Innocent people especially children have been victimised by priests and religious only to see their abusers shielded from justice and protected by the Church hierarchy.

The future of the Catholic Church depends on seeking truth, justice, and reconciliation for the grave crimes committed by Catholic clergy.  - An it needs over all a reforming process that stops injustice, high-handedness and institutional centrism within the Church.

That’s why, joined by many faithful Catholics and people around the globe, we are calling on the new Pope Francis. to follow these demands for a renewed Church:

Responsibility: The new Pope needs to convene a Truth and Reconciliation Commission* to address the global sex abuse scandal in the Church. Those who’ve led the Church into this moment of crisis need to be held accountable, and the tens of thousands who’ve been victimized deserve justice so that we all can heal broken and divisive wounds within the global Catholic Church.

Collegiality: We need the reform of the Vatican and more rights for local churches.

Solidarity: We need a Church more committed to social justice and human rights and determined to clarify its banking system.

Gender: We need equal rights of men and women in the Church.

Priesthood: We need a new understanding of priesthood, including married priests.

Ethics: We need a new moral teaching, especially on contraception and homosexuality.

Are you in for a Catholic Church that is WITH the people? Sign our petition and respectfully ask the New Pope to send a sign of reform and opennes into our world.

As soon as we gathered 1,000,000 voices we will handover this petition to the Vatican and make sure, your voice is heard.

*Truth and Reconciliation Commissions (TRCs) have been used the world over to address systemic periods of violence, corruption, and abuse. In South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Guatemala, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, the Czech Republic and countless other nations, TRCs have been used to make sure perpetrators of abuse are held accountable, to help victims seek justice, and to move institutions and entire societies toward reconciliation and healing.

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This petition had 3,745 supporters

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