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Excommunicate Iain Duncan Smith

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Iain Duncan Smith is the UK Secretary of State for Work and Pensions. During his tenure in that role he has presided over savage cuts to the means of existence for millions of vulnerable people in the UK. In August 2014 the United Nations initiated an investigation into whether Iain Duncan Smith's disability benefits changes have led to " grave or systemic violations" of disabled people's human rights. It is widely believed that these changes have driven many thousands of people to suicide as their sole means of support have been taken from them. Terminally ill people have been asked "when they expect to die?" or have been declared fit for work then died scant weeks later. There are too many cases to list here. In light of all of these abuses of the poor and vulnerable, IDS has shown no remorse, indeed he seems to derive pleasure from inflicting misery and suffering on the weakest members of UK society, as was shown during the July 2015 budget when he could be seen to make a double fist pump as Chancellor George Osbourne announced further massive cuts to the UK welfare budget. With all this in mind, we ask Pope Frances who has championed the cause of the poor and needy, to excommunicate Mr Duncan Smith as his actions are directly opposed to the teachings of the Pope and therefore the Church.

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