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Polk County School District: Drop charges and re-enroll Kiera Wilmot

A teenage girl was expelled from school and charged as an adult for discharging a weapon in school when a science experiment was conducted incorrectly and harmed nobody. This girl did not use a weapon, and was merely learning about science. She deserves to continue her education in school, and have all charges dropped against her.

Kiera Wilmot, a 16-year old student at Bartow Senior High has good grades and an excellent behavior record. Numerous studies show that there is a serious racial and gender disproportionality in school punishment, and this is a prime example of such. Women make up only 20% of computer science jobs, 23% of graduate students in engineering, and only 25% of the STEM workforce. We are not going to resolve the gender gap in science and math fields by punishing girls for pursuing the fields.

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    Dr. John A. Stewart, Superindendent
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    Ronald Pritchard

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