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Petitioning Polk County School District

Polk County School District: Don't Expel Kiera Wilmot

The expulsion of Kiera Wilmot, an excellent student, from Bartow High School is unfair and lacks compassion. Moreover, it serves as an example of the ways in which our educational system often fails young women and students of color, adding to their underrepresentation in the sciences. Students like Kiera should be given more resources, not less, with which to engage their intellectual curiosities. She should be encouraged, rather than discouraged, to safely pursue her interest in science. We hope that the Polk County School District will allow Bartow High School to re-enroll Kiera, and that Kiera will be able to graduate from high school and continue on to higher education.

Letter to
Polk County School District
Rescind the expulsion Kiera Wilmot. Science students should be supported in safely pursuing their interests rather than be criminalized.