Adoption of same-sex couples

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I want to support this cause, because it seems to me that today it is very important that same-sex couples have the option to adopt since they would be providing a home for a child.

This is a very common problem today but I think that if we take the time to think about the good that makes children and couples do this completely legal, it would be providing a breakthrough for society and we would be enforcing Everyone’s rights.

Many people believe that if this becomes completely possible children would develop problems that would affect them in the future but all this is false; we would also be helping these children develop vouchers such as respect and tolerance much better than those children who have a father and mother.

in Colombia and many parts of the world this is not seen in a good way since they are afraid that by approving this many other people lose the opportunity to adopt, but if in the future this is possible we would make many people happy and give them the opportunity to form a family.