To stop the circumnavigation of Australia by the tall ship the Endeavor.

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During March 2020 the replica of the tall ship the Endeavor will circumnavigate Australia. The re-enactment will be to celebrate the colonial exploration of our lands and claim it for the English Empire. The cost's associated with this includes the establishment of a statue of Captain James Cook , an informative site of history at Botany Bay national park site, as well as the cost of the voyage itself an estimated cost of 58 million dollars. As many good willed Australian people call out for resources to address such issues as Veterans and Indigenous suicide, Mental Health issues, Domestic Violence, Bush Fire and Flood recovery , National Disability services, Homelessness, and other Humanitarian programs  .

Destroyed by the fires the leaves try to fight their way back to the trees that burnt to the ground following the disasters of the recent bush fires and the flora under stories struggle, and the fauna life rebirth, here we have the political and extreme right wing media of Australia wanting to flex its colonial muscle of the English colonizing Australia, in its celebration of Nationhood whilst our country is torn apart regarding this very issue of how it effects Indigenous people that have severe ingrained trauma and sickness from the very arrival of the first fleet. We need ONE heart to heal this country by all free thinking Australians to do what is the right thing. Stop this ship from sailing!! 

Recently we as a country received  massive financial as well as human emergency resources from overseas- celebrities, Governments, and world citizens, I wonder how they would feel about this amount of fiance being afforded towards such a futile and wasted attempt of nationalism after they gave so much towards these tragic needs.