Remove the Statue Of Raffles

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Raffles had done so many bad things and yet we praise him for all the good things he’s done. Of course, raffles was the person who founded singapore but did he really help us succeed that much? Not only does our history predate raffles by many hundreds of years, raffles had only stayed no more than 31 days in Singapore unlike William Farquhar who is the one who truly helped Singapore become successful. We should remove raffles’s statues for the only real good thing he had done for Singapore was to find this city, nothing else. We should also teach our future generations on how bad of a person raffles was, so they won’t think that a colonizer and racist like him was good. From being pro-slavery to being heavily involved in the invasion of Java, Raffles really wasn’t a good person as we make him out to be. Yes, he did found Singapore and should be remembered as such but we should not support such a person and should just be reminded of him in history books without the need of his statues. The statue is just that, a symbol of a white person bringing “modernity” instead of any other ethnic group.