End the pollution of the River Tawd!

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The River Tawd has suffered from major pollution in these past few years, although it has been worse than ever in the lockdown. The river is constantly being polluted, and it is a common sight to see the Tawd running milky white. Tawd Valley Park is home to countless species of animals and plants, such as otters, kingfishers, owls, deer, buzzards, woodpeckers, grey wagtails, nuthatches, water voles, and much more.

During lockdown, lots of people have discovered the Tawd area and have been using it for their daily exercises. This including jogging, cycling or just walking the dogs. This newfound love for Tawd Valley Park should be embraced with open arms. However, the public is concerned about the state of the river. If the River Tawd suffers any more pollution then not only will we lose our stunning wildlife, but also our community's interest.

Over the past few years, Friends of Tawd Valley have been putting in hard work to make to Tawd Valley area better for people and wildlife. This work is seemingly nullified by the constant pollution of the river, as nobody (wildlife or people) wish to see and be around this. The Environmental Agency has been contacted repeatedly on several occasions, but nothing gets done - that is what this petition is for.

We, as people of Skelmersdale and regular users of the Tawd Valley area, are tired of the inaction from outside organisations such as the Environmental Agency. We want a response to the River Tawd's call for help, so that everyone can enjoy a stunningly beautiful outdoor area to explore and exercise in. We want immediate action from the Environmental Agency. They have to investigate the pollution and make sure that it doesn't happen again.

Please sign and share this petition so that it is discussed in Parliament. We need your help to protect the water quality of the River Tawd for both the wildlife, for whom it is an essential water source, and also the health of the people, children and dogs that use Tawd Valley Park.

Thank you.