Warning To Advise Of Clandestine Operations To Harm And Kill

Warning To Advise Of Clandestine Operations To Harm And Kill

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Started by Joy Mack

DHS, Intelligence Agencies, Fusion Centers, and others are engaged in highly deceptive clandestine operations of Cointelpro, Zersetzen (stasi) tactics in take-down operations against Americans.

These techniques inflict severe forms of harassment, retaliation, and surveillance causing Human Rights and Civil Liberties violations in daily living. 

Non-consensual experimentation, non-lethal weapons testing, nefarious use of technologies are sophisticated techniques in these program operations.

The tactics used are designed to cause severe, prolonged suffering without leaving marks. Along with the daily suffering; emotional, financial, and physical devastation results.

Citizens are not told why they are placed in the program; or how to purge themselves from the program.  The First, Fourth, Fifth (due process), and Fourteenth (equal protection) Amendments to the United States Constitution are being violated. These actions are criminal. They are predicates for asset stripping, racketeering / profit and greed. 

Citizens risk being placed in handcuffs and taken away when they seek help or try to tell others.  This could happen to you or someone you love.   Your tax dollars are paying for these unconstitutional operations with little to no oversight. Was this the intent of Congress?

Please help save my life and the lives of others. This is a battle that affects every citizen and is not just an isolated incident.

TELL CONGRESS TO:  Start immediate investigations and hearing on the Cointelpro, Stasi tactics perpetrated against unwitting Americans in the United States!  

1974 Senate Church Committee Investigations; Congress assured the American people that the public would be protected from this type of operation ever happening again.

Congress; Please conduct immediate congressional investigations into the Human Rights, Civil Liberties violations including allegations of non-consensual experimentation, by DHS and Joint Domestic Surveillance Program Operations.

114 have signed. Let’s get to 200!