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Politicians & Corporations - Admit What You Already Know

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  On a fairly non-stop basis, we citizens encounter a crucial problem in our political system of officials, elected by voters, who carry personal biases far more important to them than the will of the people.  When we hear one thing that they say, but see another thing that they do, a question arises - how did this happen?  What influences them to split the difference in favor of policies and stances which abandon ethics and violate the core principles of progress?  I, for one, do not have an answer.  Not surprisingly, neither do they.
  The facts are simple and easy for anyone to see.  Do we need a sustainable, habitable environment?  Yes, of course we do.  Do we require healthcare?  Of course we do, and notably so do they.
  When they go to the doctor or hospital, they do not question medical science very much.  For their ailment, they will receive treatment as directed by medical professionals.  They do not, attempt to reinterpret the diagnosis, treatment, or prognosis, and they without hesitation, sign a document like anyone else, to consent to treatment.
  How is this different than in any other area of science, math, and ethics, and the obligation of such communities to not only follow consensus, but to implement it?  It is not.
  The facts are simple, yet hard to understand, in light of the vague dismissiveness of elected officials.  They understand and know many things:
  We are inheriting a dead planet. Our children, their children, will die by their will, motives, and decrees. Species, uncountable, go extinct constantly, and they as much as we, see this right in our communities, across the globe, and we see it right outside our door. In nature. Famine is rampant because of this. Disease thrives, because of this. Humans and other animals suffer excruciatingly, and die because of this. Flora and fauna are being eradicated because of this. Natural disasters are approaching exponential rates of acceleration because of this.  It's clear that these trends have only been getting worse, and for a long while, yet disproportionately in such a small time frame in history, and severely.  Deforestation alone is a pretty clear indicator that human activity affects the environment and harms species.  Science would tell us that carbon dioxide cannot be converted into oxygen in a clearcut vacant area. 
  Even set aside the supposed issue of whether or not green approaches allow humanity alone to survive, it's also proven that it simply improves the situation, and notably, redirects money because of more efficiency and cost effectiveness, less complicated infrastructure, and surely less money for big oil to play cards with.
  What politician says an oil spill is a good thing? When they hear that the oil has harmed ocean life, from scientists, they do not dispute the issue.
  To sum it up, people running corporations are smart enough to have the best lawyers, the best technology to their ends, the most money, the most influence, lobbyists, crooked schemes to hide money, not pay taxes, to have near monopoly of monetary power and therefore control of the entire population of ordinary people, and they're smart enough to have the media and hired mouthpieces smooth it all over in another 24-hour news cycle.
  This is in a symbiosis with politicians, who readily embrace a steadily declining slippery slope of status quo. They also have managed to sit in seats of total authoritarianism and oligarchy. They are not stupid. In fact they're very smart. It only makes sense, that they admit what they already know, because it is an insult to the intelligence of people everywhere, to hear that politicians just don't feel human activity impacts the environment, and it is repugnant to the scientific community, who in beyond landslide consensus, show and clearly prove that global warming, climate change, and harm to life on Earth is exactly because of human activity – so far forced human activity, under rule of lawmakers and corporations, a handful in comparison to the population of Earth.
  We are all subject to this, it does not matter where people live, this is an existential threat to every individual of any species whom reside in this shared gift of life, this planet.
  We also are not stupid. Politicians and corporations ought to admit what they already know, instead of treading water while the clock winds down for us all – for us, for them, for all of us, our children, our friends, our human family, and life as it exists on Earth. The greatest gift of all, and it doesn't cost or owe a penny.
  We need to live. That is why I started this petition. We need to not just know the truth, but hear it, loud and clear, from those who make decisions about quality of life, or having life at all.

  Admit what you already know.

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