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Political parties: Stop tricking people into giving you personal information

It’s sneaky, dishonest and it’s bad for our democracy -- and it shouldn’t be happening.

I just received a letter from a political party, disguised as “Postal Voting Information.” Turns out, that letter is a trick to try and get your personal information so they can “target” you.

Australian political parties are tricking people into thinking the form inside that envelope is going straight to the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC), but in reality, they’re redirecting the mail back to party headquarters.

When I received mine, I very nearly made the mistake of handing over all my information to a political party because the reply paid envelope was addressed to the “Postal Vote Centre” - but the address was actually party headquarters. They all seem to do it slightly differently - but all with the same intention.

If one of the parties keeps doing it, then the other will to keep competitive. The only way to stop this is to rule it out altogether.

I’m asking Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott to commit to laws that ensure postal vote applications go straight to the AEC, without any political interference or data-mining in between.


If you've still got your reply-paid envelope, use it to send a message back to the parties telling them you've signed the petition at and you want them to stop the scam!

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Andrew Robb
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Stop your parties tricking people into handing over their information