Political Parties of Canada: Improve the treatment of farmed animals

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While there's a movement growing around the developed world to make true progressive agriculture a priority, none of the major parties in Canada feel any of this is even worth mentioning. Even visiting the Green Party of Canada's "Animal Rights" section on their website literally leads to just a blank page: https://www.greenparty.ca/en/taxonomy/term/316 The other parties don't have any page at all. 

Most Canadians choose to purchase and consume animal products, but most Canadians are also firmly against the needless torture of animals. This petition will send a clear message to the political parties of Canada that animal agriculture reform *should* be a priority, and should be a part of their platform. Canada currently has some of the lowest standards of animal welfare in the western world. Let's show our government that a party which is progressive on animal agriculture is a party that will get votes. Let's put an end to the abhorrent treatment of animals in this country and instead make Canada a positive example to the rest of the world on this issue. 

In order to improve the treatment of farmed animals in Canada, prevent the outbreak and mutation of disease, and improve the protection of our environment, we propose the following:

1) End all live exports

2) Ban cages

3) Government subsidies for businesses improving animal welfare

4) Ban routine antibiotics and hormones 

5) Mandate honest labeling on products with clear definitions of things like "free-range" in order to better educate and inform consumers on the products they purchase

6) Officially recognize farmed animals sentience and capacity to feel pain

7) Ban low-welfare animal imports

8) Do not allow exceptions for any rules or the killing/harming of any animal in cruel and unusual ways outside of standard cultural norms on the basis of religious or cultural practices 

9) Impose significant fines or taxes on animal agriculture businesses that do not meet minimum ethical and environmental standards or dispose of animal waste responsibly

10) End chick maceration 

11) Ban castration of animals without anesthetic
This issue is not a Liberal or Conservative one. Real Canadian farmers especially understand the degrading conditions that big corporate agriculture businesses and their factory farms put their livestock and workers through. Let's take the beginning steps in helping Canadian consumers trust in our agriculture again. No animal should be tortured and allowing cruelty for the sake of bigger corporate profits is unacceptable. It's time to start enforcing the values that most Canadians already have in regards to our animals.