Polish Government need to finalize residence permit application of foreigners quicker

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Polish / Poland Government need to finalize residence permit card application of foreigners quicker ;

Polish Government is handling residence permit application of foreigners very very slowly. Finalizing residence permit applications in Poland is taking a duration from 4 months to 12 months ( even more sometimes). This is adversely affecting life of foreigners in Poland.

When most of foreigners obtained their residence permit card ( mostly it is given for 1 year duration ) same day they are starting to apply for renew residence permit card because of expiration date is closer due to 4 to 12 months residence permit  card application handling process. Untill obtaining residence permit card, foreigners are like arrested into prison because they can not travel to their own country in case of urgent case / need ( if someone ill from family, funeral or any other vital case. ). 

Dear Mr. President Andrzej Duda and Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, foreigners have huge problem in Poland about obtaining residence permit card. Is a residence permit card process duration from 4 to 12 months ( even more) normal? Please do something to complete process speedly. Giving residence permit or rejecting can be completed as soon as possible quickly. This status is really violating human rights of foreigners.

Dear honorable Polish / Poland Government 's authorities ! Please put yourself in foreigners place and think about to stay seperate 8-10-12 months from your parents, families, even child(ren).Think about how suffer to not joining funeral of parents, brother, sister etc.Yes most of foreigners met those truths and got a lot pain / suffer during their TRC temproray residence permit process in Poland.

This case is really penalizing foreigners. Poland is nice / beautiful country with it's a very kind of public and it does not deserve this unpleasant situation.

Poland can ask help from other worldwide countries about how they are handling residence permit applications of foreigners ( Polish Citizens, too ) so faster within 8 - 20 days and delivering residence card by post their address.

ATTENTION ! : This petition campaign is only aiming to announce our voice for decision makers of Polish / Poland Government and colloborate them for a better teamwork. This petition never ever aims to critize, blame Poland, it's decision makers and public.

Dear foreigners who intended to get residence permit card ( TRC ) in Poland or faced same above described problem ; Please sign this petition and support it.

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