Legalise abortions in Poland

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The Polish government have made abortions illegal and we need to start making a difference and be heard. This matter is distressing women in Poland and it takes away from their rights as humans. Whether you believe in abortion or not that does not mean women can’t choose what they do with their own body. 

Now is the time for change. 

Please sign this, it only takes a couple of minutes and this will take a step forward towards the right direction where women can have the right to choose. Please share this with a red lightning bolt as a symbol of their fight for change and make this heard. 

We can tackle anything if enough people raise their voices. I understand there are other problems in the world which are terrifying and important but this does not take away the importance of this problem also. Together we can raise awareness and stop this. 

As a polish citizen I believe it is my responsibility to stand up for people who cannot in my community and fight for them and help them fight for themselves.