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It is high time that companies start giving importance to women and recruit them, the way they give to the men. They usually prefer male employees because to the male employees they don't have to give paid maternity leaves (one of the major reasons) which they consider as a loss.

My petition covers the following policies that should be implemented by the Government of India to boost women participating in the workforce: 1) WOMEN SHOULD HAVE THE FREEDOM TO SEEK PAID LEAVES DURING MENSTRUATION AS PER THEIR COMFORT AND NEED. 2) THERE SHOULD BE AT LEAST 40% WOMEN STAFF IN A COMPANY OR AN ORGANISATION. 3) THERE SHOULD BE EQUAL PAY FOR BOTH MEN & WOMEN OF THE SAME DESIGNATION. I am very sure if these policies are implemented by our Government there will be an increase in the number of women participating in the workforce. This way the companies will consider the female employees too. The lesser number of women working in India have resulted in a negative impact on our GDP.

I am quoting the World Bank and The Hindustan Times in this regard as follows :
"INDIA ranks 120th among 131 nations in women workforce, says World Bank report."
"Only 27% of India’s women are participating in the workforce according to a World Bank report. Economists says that these dismal numbers have had a negative impact on India’s GDP.
There are many reasons for this state of affairs. Gender-discrimination in workplaces, lack of access to facilities such as childcare, neglecting girl children’s education or health etc."