Stop the police using horses during the Black Lives Matter protests!

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Please sign this petition to stop the police taking horses into the black lives matter protests. Using horses not only costs them their lives but also allows police to attack the protestors using an animal that has great force. 

Mounted police is an outdated method that is no longer necessary in our society or in the police force.

Footage show a horse on Whitehall in a state of panic after being hit with missiles such as glass bottles and flares. And evidence of the animals trampling on the protestors and being used as weapons against them. 

This petitions aims to help the lives of both the protestors and the horses during this time. It is unfair to subject an animal to human issues and it is unfair to bring an animal that has great strength and power to be used against individuals fighting for change.

This is a peaceful protest and using animals against those in the crowd is unfair and dangerous.