The shooting of a man in the Western Communities leaves too many unanswered questions. The family and the community as a whole deserve more respect than to just be told it was a shooting by an officer so no questions should be asked.  We need to ensure that a thorough, unbiased investigation be conducted otherwise we are risking turning into a police state.  We need to ban together to let the county know we, as well as others around the United States, are watching how this situation plays out.  

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Palm Beach County States Attorney
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Florida Governor
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A thorough investigation of Seth Adams shooting

We can not be expected to just accept a shooting under these circumstance with an explanation like "if you choose to start an altercation with an better be prepared to SUFFER the consequences". Are we living in a police state? The family the community, and other PBC officers deserve better answers than that. You have a shooting with no police video and only the word of the shooter....that happened on the victims own property. If the officer felt justified in his concern over this man...why did he not follow proper procedures?

1. If an officer feels the need to exit his vehicle, would he not call for back up at that point? Would he not make a call that shots were fired after?

2. IF an officer his lunged at and pushes the person down, would he not continue by a take-down and cuffing the assailant, instead of shoving him to the ground and then pulling a gun? He was not a rookie...he was a 14-year-veteran.

3. If an officer is on duty, is it not regulation for the camera to be on? Is that not the purpose of the camera?

4. Do we not have a right to hear the 911 calls?

5. If SO MANY people are stating that this man's character was never in line with this officer's statement...should this not be taken into consideration? Or is it fair just to ignore them because the shooter is an officer.

6. Because this is another quote by Ric Bradshaw: "If the office of sheriff is allowed to be governed," he asked, "where does it stop?" This is a frightening mindset.



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